Business Strategies

Business Strategies
  • 2 decades ago, the world's largest generating set manufacturing co., FG Wilson decided to enter India. I met a few times the owners & the Indian CEO. Unfortunately, the ceo had an attitude of 'I know everything', when I pointed out many flaws in their game plan. Today, it is extinct like one of those dinosaurs.
  • A top generating set manufacturer wanted to expand in a special segment by exporting ‘made in India, Chinese sets’. He was very pleased with my inputs but the idea never went beyond drawing board for other reasons.
  • About 10 years back, I sent a one page letter to Dhiraj Hinduja, as he was just taking up the role in Ashok Leyland. On how a particular division can be made very profitable. He was so pleased that he spoke to me immediately from Mumbai & subsequently from London too!
  • About 15 years back, I mailed the then Director HR, Mr. Amrolia at Ashok Leyland, on how the organizational structure needed to be modified. Within a week, he was in Mumbai, discussing for nearly half an hour on the topic.
  • 2 small businessmen in Mumbai, 1 a plastic manufacturer & 2nd a marine engine dealer, have benefited by lakhs of rupees taking cues from me.
  • While there are many ways of managing, motivation etc., in a corporate set up, the toughest task would be to work with volunteers, because one can not wield authority. Affairs of my housing society reached a nadir. I took up the challenge, got into the role of chairman & conditions are getting steadily resurrected.