Travels, Purchases

Travels, Purchases
  • A nephew was a little confused on choosing between petrol and a diesel car. My views helped him take a wise decision.
  • My boss in my last company would always wonder how I manage to get very cheap tickets. And I never compromise on the hotel standards or the best airlines. Consider the 2 holidays I took last year—2 weeks to China at Rs.50,000/- ; 2 weeks to USA at Rs.125,000/- -- inclusive of all & with the best timing airlines & top grade hotels.
  • An ‘old’ friend, Dwivedi from Kalwa, had been planning to visit Kailash & Manasarovar but had a limited budget. He enjoyed a top class trip with my suggestions & came back thanking me so much.
  • Surprising why media was after some private enterprising people for charging Rs.5,000/- for a day’s auto rickshaw ride from foreigners in Jaipur recently. Do we know how much Govt charges for a week’s "ride" in Rajasthan for a 'palace' on wheels? An uncle from NY told me he paid Rs.2.5 Lacs!! I told him he could have got much better value for the same money.
  • My wife’s sister from Toronto wanted to see Jaipur & Agra. She along with my wife & my school going kid embarked on a 4 day trip. Came back with full of praises for my planning skills!
  • In my last company, somehow, I got involved with procurements like Foam sheets, Batteries, Advertising spaces, Media planning, Arranging Exhibition events. The boss, Bharat Oberoi was raining kudos on my managing these at much lesser prices than before!!